• Max Working Height: 21,90 m
  • Max Horizontal Outreach: 11,8 m
  • Weight: 2300 kg


This narrow DL-lift series was specially designed for rental companies, larger industries, shopping centres, airports, etc.

The compact lift construction with a width of merely 890 mm and a detachable basket makes lift operations even possible in places where lifts of other brands fail.

Thanks to the self-drive system the lift is easy to manoeuvre and move from one working position to another by one operator only and without the use of additional aids.

The three-wheeled-drive is standard and allows easy transport even under problematic conditions, like for instance extreme climbing angles or soft surfaces. Working tasks on sites are therefore no problem at all.

Max. working heights are from 18,8 up to 22 metres. Automatic restriction of the load moment ensures optimum reach to suit the load in the basket.

DL19/22N are very flexible lifts which, as standard, are supplied for battery operation. As extra accessories, the lifts of this series can be delivered with diesel engine either with or without generator.

All DENKA LIFTs meet the most stringent safety standards.

The electrical and hydraulic system feature double safety devices, the cylinders have hose break valves, and all the movements of the lift have a pressure control valve safety system.

The telescopic boom is made of specially extruded aluminium profiles, which ensure stability with a low weight.

The combination of this excellent boom section and the smooth proportional control system provides the operator in the basket with a stable, safe and highly functional workplace.

Standard Features

  • Rotating detachable alu basket 1200 mm
  • Battery operation
  • Proportional control
  • Hydraulic outriggers
  • Hydraulic wheel drive
  • ELCB 30 mA
  • Hour counter
  • Charging key
  • Switch for raising boom during selfdrive

Additional information

Max. Working Height A

21,90 m

Max. Working Height B

19,5 m

Max. Working Height C

17,5 m

Max. Reach D

11,8 m

Reach E

8,3 m

Max. Load in Basket

200 kg

Slew Movement

cont. 360°

Length L1

7900 mm

Length L2

7240 mm

Length L3

6525 mm

Length L4

5990 mm

Height H / H

2140 / 1995 mm

Width B / B

1195 / 890 mm

Net Weight Standard

2300 kg

Driving Speed / High

1,00 m/s

Driving Speed / Low

0,35 m/s

Max. climbing angle

12º / 21%

Turning radius

2,6 m

Extra Accessories

  • Brushes in telescope-ends
  • Outlet for water/air in the basket*
  • Additional power supply (Trafo) 50A/24V*
  • High performance batteries 6V 215Ah / 5h
  • Yellow rotating light
  • Biological oil
  • Petrol engine Honda EU30is / 3,0kVA*
  • Height limiting system – 2 steps
  • Detachable jib
  • Sectional control
  • Hydraulic steering wheel
  • White wheels

*increase in weight


All DENKA LIFT products are sold with a one year warranty on parts.

For more information, contact your sales representative.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Photos and diagrams on this website and within downloadable materials are for promotional purposes only. Refer to appropriate Snorkel operators manual and DENKA-Lift operators manual for detailed instructions on the proper use and maintenance.